The Economics of Happiness reflection

Part 1: Globalization


The Economics Of Happiness movie is actually very saddening, as when you give a moment of thought about the problems it discusses, you just realize that every single topic is actually the truth. Globalization may seem like something cool, or just great, but when you think about it, it does create poverty, ruin people’s lives, and a lot of other things. The 8 facts about globalization are also something I agree with, as I’ve experienced a few. Once we moved into the city in Moscow, life hasn’t been as fun since then. No more lakes, no more trees, no known faces. I do find the idea of globalization somewhat interesting, but there are so many downsides I’ve already listed that prevent me from being even close to liking it. It may have its advantages, but the sole reason of how it ruins your happiness make all the good things about it inferior. The movie teaches you the sole truth of how to be happy, how globalization worsens your mood, and it lets you realize the things that happen around you.


Part 2: Localization


Localization is globally accepted, from my opinion, and I support it highly. The documentary states that localizing food you buy, and general purchases you make, it makes you feel free, and it reduces the amount of chemicals and GMOs your normal globalized purchased food may offer. I do agree that buying local food is cheaper and more organic, but I do think it’s a little biased that they mostly focus about the cost and the general idea of localizing. I can make a few connections about localizing. In our countryside Russian house, we had a nearby farm. Since we were far from the city, we went to the local market to get dairy, meat, and vegetables, and since we moved to the city, there’s been a significant difference. The documentary really captures the obvious differences in globalized and localized foods, and makes it feel significant.

Mentor Meeting Week 4

Meeting Date: Wednesday, May 6th, 2015
Meeting Time: 2:00 p.m.
Meeting Location: Room 206

What I achieved this week: I finalised my personal essay and started working on my pinboard by cutting out letters and putting everything I have to print on one document.

What T-skills have I developed and used:

What I need to do this week:

Mentor Comment: Daniel and I worked on editing his personal essay and action reflection. We still have to finalise his final action reflection and talk about the layout of his pin board.

Mentor Meeting Week 3

Meeting Date: Wednesday, April 29h, 2015
Meeting Time: 2:00 p.m.
Meeting Location: Room 206

What I achieved this week: I have finished the presentation, script, and program.

What T-skills have I developed and used: Communication and Self-Management skills, because I will be presenting soon and I keep everything together.

What I need to do this week: I have to edit the script and presentation a bit more and get ready for presentation tomorrow at 8:50.

Mentor Comment: I am impressed how prepared Daniel is for his presentation. He is confident and rehearsed for tomorrow. We have gone over the possible questions the students may ask, and he is going to make sure it is an interactive presentation for all involved.

Mentor Meeting Week 1

Meeting Date: Wednesday, April 8th, 2015
Meeting Time: 2:00 p.m.
Meeting Location: Room 206

What I achieved this week: I found great resources and I’m considering doing a survey for the 6th grades on how long they use technology and for what.

What T-skills have I developed and used: Communication skills, as I met with Ms. Kunciw, and also Thinking skills as we started planning.

What I need to do this week: Find out what are case studies and if I can apply them to my research. Make a Khan Academy quiz for the 3rd graders.

Mentor Comment:  For next week please have a folder with the exploration sheet, exhibition planning sheet, and drafting and planning sheets.

Week 1

First week of Exhibition accomplished! It was the start, so I’m ready for anything harder to come at me. I did make good use of time managing skills, but not to it’s full extent, as it wasn’t that needed. Not many challenges, except for the fact that Ms. Kunciw didn’t answer yet. I’m not sure when she will, but I’m slightly anxious about not having a meeting. I’m thinking of making a nice plan about the whole thing and get researching. I was surprised that Ms. Kunciw didn’t answer yet, but it was good that I’m comfortable with this. I also used researching skills to research a tad.

Music Performance Reflection

Music Performance

Yes, we have been learning music for a year now. I have the trumpet, It was hard at the start, but I’m much better at it now! I really like playing music much more now, and there are lots of things that I’ve improved from.
For one thing, I had absolutely NO idea of how to buzz my lips. Even if I do have some struggling now, I will improve pretty soon. I know every note I’ve learned so far, and I am really good at playing most songs. Even if I have soooo many things to learn, I am learning pretty quickly.

Reading Response 9!

Dear Ms. W,
This week, you didn’t comment, but Eleanor and Ali did. Ali didn’t really ask a question, but Eleanor asked about why I said “The guilt is gone”. Eleanor, the guilt was about me not doing a reading response once, and I felt pretty guilty, but not anymore!
Now that I answered the question, another Goosebumps book (Yes, I’m sorry I did the same series in a row, I just ran out of my favourite series; please recommend me some!) Which is called “How to kill a monster”. Honestly, I read the book at the beginning of the week, so I probably won’t remember some stuff about the plot. The story starts when there is a girl and a boy (siblings) going to their grandma and grandpa because of their parents going on a business trip. After realizing their grand parents live in the old family house in the middle of the swamp and, well, basically nowhere; they then regret going. The next day, after the granny makes breakfast, she makes about twenty more helpings for no one. The children immediately get suspicious, and soon find out that swamp monsters are real… the hard way.
Well, that’s all for today’s RR! I hope you still like them, because I think I might be spending a little less time on them than usual. Anyways, tell me what you think!


Reading Response 8! Today’s book: Amulet, book 1

Dear Ms. Wachowiak,
It’s our 8th RR this year! Luckily, the guilt is gone, so I think I will spend more time on the RRs overall quality! Last time you asked me only one question, of how easy Goosebumps are. Well, technically, 60% yes, but I read Goosebumps because of the feel that happens when you read them. It gets you into the atmosphere. Even though they’re interesting, I will consider reading harder books.
And now, the new book: Amulet. It is a comic, but you might relate it to A Wrinkle in Time: It sorta gets into the story pretty quickly, it has that sort of atmosphere (Pretty spooky!) and, well, it really is sort of like Wrinkle in Time, as the main setting is the real world, with Em, the Stonekeeper (A girl) and Navin, Em’s brother. The prologue tells us that once Emily’s family had a dad, but he was killed in a car accident (I’d better not give details…) And in the main part of the book, they travel to the family house in the middle of nowhere. As soon as they begin to explore it, Em(ily) finds (Enter Uncle’s Name here) Chernon’s lab, where she finds the Stone, also known as the Amulet (Pun Dog Picture here!) and as soon as the crystal is active, her mother gets kidnapped, or adultnapped (Another Pun Dog here!) by a tentacled creature, and they follow the creature into Alledia, another world within (trying to be deep :P)
And I think that’s all I am going to tell you now, because I am sure you have GOT to read this! It is a great book including most mysterious genres, and maybe I’ll recommend it to Ali, Ayla and Stanley as well!

Deadly Decisions

About Decisions.
Yes, a lot of people make decisions. Children, adults, us, them, everyone, really. The thing is, that sometimes we can’t make a decision. For example, that one time in your childhood, you want to go to a sleepover or a birthday party, and your mom goes “No, we’re going to your grandad’s house!” And then you can’t do anything about it.
Today, we also had an hour of our new unit 6, decisions. We learned that sometimes, people are better/more important than us (no offense), so they either don’t obey more decisions, and make more instead. For example, as I said before, people make decisions on what to eat, where to go, what to get, and a giant list. Like sometimes, you do whatever you want, but people with the higher ranks (no offense, again.) that are connected to us make others, and sometimes the decisions affect you as well.
The higher ranks, is basically your level of respect, so right now, you’re just a kid, so you can’t really tell anyone what to do, but as you grow up, people will respect your age, or if you have an important job(like Bill Gates) you can make tons, and tons, and TONS of decisions. So just wait your turn, and make every decision count.

First and Last RR Reflection

First and Last RR Reflection

If you have been following my blog lately, you have known that I am doing Reading Responses, which are little book reviews I do weekly. Since the first RR, I improved in some things, and some things stayed the same. For example, I now do longer RR’s, and I try to make it so it looks like I’m actually saying it. (Ms. W thinks so too!)

But also, I may have become worse at some things as well, because I may be having less imagination and the need to read books, but I still carry on. And yes, maybe I haven’t improved that much overall, but I’ll still try my best. And as long as the RR’s are not canceled, finished, or abandoned (like the reading log) I will keep making them.

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